Bible Spells: Obtaining Your Every Desire by Activating the Secret Meaning of Hundreds of Biblical Verses【楽天海外直送】【英語の本】【洋書】


Bible Spells: Obtaining Your Every Desire by Activating the Secret Meaning of Hundreds of Biblical VersesMORE IMPORTANT THAN THE BIBLE CODE Here are ancient magick techniques using secret power verses taken from the Holy Scriptures to gain enlightenment, health, gopod fortune and all around prosperity. These easy to perform spiritual spells will have a deep impact on YOUR life and those of your loved ones. Beginning in his childhood William Oribello experienced contacts with Divine Forces in the forms of Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters. These spiritual contacts taught him the secrets of the CREATIVE FORCE and how we all can utilize special POWER VERSES from the Holy Bible, along with ordinary candles, incense, crystals and gemstones for Luck, Love, and Well Being. In this book you will find BIBLE VERSE SPELLS for: Love and Romance. Money and Business Success. Achieving Good Luck and Removing Bad Luck and curses. Protection of your home and loved one.s Health, healing and happiness. To receive divine grace and mercy, AND MUCH, MUCH, MORE! This is rare occult book for "true believers" who previously might have felt squimish about consorting with occult references. Rev. Oribello's spells are of the Lord and are worded so as NOT to attract any negativity, but to attract all that is positive in the universe. These spells are guaranteed to assist you in all that you do.Dimensions: 27.94 x 21.59 x 0.84 centimetres (0.38 kg)聖書よりも重要聖書から得た秘密の力の詩を使って、啓発、健康、神の幸運、繁栄のすべてを得る古代の魔法のテクニックがあります。









神の恵みと慈悲を受けるには、それだけではありません!これは、以前はオカルトの参考文献と協調することについて嫌な思いをしたかもしれない "真の信者"のためのまれなオカルトの本です。



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